12 February 2020

PR for Your Interior Design Business

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10 Public Relations (PR) tips for interior designers and architects. Learn how a good PR strategy can help your interior design business grow.

Emailing the editor, making photos of your projects, attending professional events – PR for designers might sound pretty obvious but there are certainly some tips and tricks of what you can do to get your projects published in the most well-known interior design and architecture magazines.

Here are 10 tips for you to create a strong marketing and PR strategy.

Tip #1. Be ready to tell your story

Journalists love a good story! Allow them to see the real people behind your brand by sharing what makes you different. Are there 10 spoken languages among your team members? Or maybe you all love scuba diving together from time to time? Creating your own story will then help you recognize your true values and mission behind what you do. The more authentic and raw you are, the better.

Tip #2. Develop your unique style

Even though you might be able to cater to any style and feel like you can listen to your client’s needs to work in the style they prefer, there must be something that distinguishes you. There has to be a specific style which you will be known for. Think of your dream project and how you would realize it – try to describe the style and what influenced this choice (might be any memories from childhood, music, people, whatever inspires you!).

Tip #3. Rethink your socials

Now that you’ve become conscious of your story and personal style, look at your own social media profiles and assess your marketing strategies. Do they truly reflect everything you came up with? They have to show your real image and help to tell your story. Meanwhile, your style must be seen in every publication, every image, every word.

Tip #4. Represent your brand

If you are the creative director of your studio, you are the main expert. You are the face of the company that is associated with the brand. Think of starting your own blog or share some valuable insights in your socials. Give interviews, meet people, attend events that you want your firm to be associated with.

Tip #5. Use big names

If you work with another designer, architect or artist, make sure to tell the people about this collaboration. Not only is it good manners in marketing but will also introduce your brand to new audience as well as create a link between you and another great artist or company.

Tip #6. Do your homework

Before connecting with editors and writers, research different magazines to find what types of features you like the most. Make your top 10 and think why you like them. Create a strategy of how you can approach an editor to create something like that and what materials and words you should use to reach the goal. Write out journalists’ names and tell them about the feature of theirs that you loved. Don’t be afraid to make a compliment, journalists (like all of us) love it when their work is appreciated.

Tip #7. Do your research

Whether your feature will get published or not depends on many things. One of them is the editorial calendar that every magazine usually has for every upcoming year. Research the websites of magazines that you strive to get published in – often they upload their calendars. Check the topics of their issues and notice the deadlines for every issue. It will give you a great advantage if you send a project that suits well into the theme of the issue.

Tip #8. Build relationships

It’s very nice for editors and writers when they know they can trust the person they are working with as they have to keep to very strict deadlines. If you promise to send them the images but don’t do so, they will not be able to publish the issue on time. Attend events where you can meet an editor and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself.

Tip #9. Share details of your work

Once you are finally ready to share your precious work, be sure to include as many details as you can. Without details, designs often look very similar and the editor might easily forget about your email. Tell them a story behind the project – what was the most challenging part? What is so interesting about your client? What makes this project special?

Tip #10. Be patient

I will be honest with you, it will for sure take a lot of time until you get your feature published. PR for interior designers does require a lot of time. It’s a common story that your emails will be ignored but this should not stop you as journalists receive tens or even hundreds of them daily so they physically can’t remember everything. If you do not get the answer right away, send a gentle reminder a couple days later. All you work will be rewarded when you finally appear on the pages of your favorite magazine!

All that sounds like a great deal of work which you don’t have time for. With Binary Management, you can focus on your design and PR process as it takes care of everything else including costing, planning, tracking and reporting.

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